Monday, October 19, 2009

Linda & Harriet - card giveaway 'just because'

Notecards by Linda & Harriet

Liz Libre is the Brooklyn-based designer behind stationary label Linda & Harriett. She makes the most gorgeous letterpressed cards in simple fresh graphic colours and patterns.... super lovely.

Today only, Liz is running a unique giveaway.
Linda & Harriett is giving away note cards in exchange for a promise to send the card to someone special - just because. This specific day was chosen in honour of Liz's mom, Linda, who passed away in 1998, and who was known for her selfless acts of kindness and generosity. She would often bring her friends and family random gifts and treats... just because.

What a beautiful way to honour someone special...! You can read a lovely little post about this giveaway on Liz's blog here.

To be part of the Linda & Harriet 'just because' gift-card drive, simply email lindaandharriett[at]gmail[dot]com before noon today, including your name and snail mail address in your email. In return, they'll send you a note card and envelope. If you're lucky enough to be in New York City at the moment(!), Liz will also be personally giving away cards at Blue Sky Bakery in Brooklyn, NYC (53 5th Ave. between Bergen St. and St. Marks Pl.)

Go on! Email Liz today, and think of someone special who could do with a sweet note in the mail - just because :)

Lovely letterpressed calendar by Linda & Harriet


  1. Beautiful work and here's to great giveaways, too!

    Thanks for mentioning our forthcoming exhibition at Craft Victoria as your Flavour of the Month... what a thrill.

    We install tomorrow and are putting final polish to our artwork today.

  2. I like the yellow drawn circles cards with thank you on it. These are all gorgeous!