Monday, September 28, 2009

Pashley Bikes

Pashley hand-built bikes! Love.

I have a lonely, neglected bicycle in my shed which sadly has 2 flat tyres and is slowly rusting its way to bicycle heaven. So I can't really justify my extreme love for these classic bikes by famed UK bicycle manufacturers Pashley.

Pashley was founded over 80 years ago. I spotted them I think in one of Megan and Sara's fantastic HOME monthly newsletters... and have been coveting one ever since. These days Pashley still hand-build each bike in their Stratford-upon-Avon factory, and maintain their enviable reputation as Britain's most exclusive bicycle manufacturer. Check out the photos on their website of the painstaking production process... amazing.

Today, Pashley still produce many of it's classic styles, as well as creating new designs with the same attention to detail and quality for which the company is so reknowned. I am so in love with the Princess Sovereign (very top image)... and that wicker basket! Love.

London seems so much more appealing on a Pashley cycle, don't you think? These shots are from Pashley's online gallery, where proud bike owners can submit their own cycling photos.


  1. oh - how great is the online gallery. i love them so, what a great post! mm

  2. Can a bike be sexy? Because i think these are!

  3. oh yeah! i love a good classic bicycle.. i had myself a lovely black one, complete with basket & white wall tyres.. i LOVED riding along on my way to work and being overtaken by the serious lycra set! alas, i only had it for a month or so before it was stolen :(

  4. You can buy them locally from -

  5. I desperately want one of these. Or a Velorbis ( I can't stop daydreaming about one!