Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Melbourne Home - Shannon Lamden (aka Aunty Cookie!)

Shots from the home of Melbourne design / crafter / blogger / Mum Shannon Lambden (aka Aunty Cookie!)

Shannon's desk...

Home office. Swoon.

I'm sure all die-hard local bloggers will know of Melbourne's Shannon Lamden - aka Aunty Cookie! Shannon's an incredibly prolific designer / crafter / blogger / Mum of 2 gorgeous girls - Lola and Sadie. Under the Aunty Cookie label, Shannon produces a kooky, super-cute collection of printed fabrics, soft furnishings, totebags, kids toys, hand printed cards and accessories... all handmade by Shannon herself! Oh and she also works freelance in commercial illustration / design. AND she writes for Mixtapezine. (Did I mention she also has 2 kids!???).

Aside from being some kind of designing / crafting machine, Shannon also manages to maintain the most deliciously cosy, colourful family home. I spotted some shots on her Flickr page recently... and couldn't resist asking Shannon if she would share some more photos here! ...and as you can see by the length of this post, I had some major trouble deciding which shots were my favourites! How good are the kids bedrooms...?! And the lovely textiles everywhere... and those gorgeous little blue tiles in the kitchen and bathroom? All so gorgeous! Agghhh.

You can buy Aunty Cookie wares on etsy here. (and at stockists here)

You should also definitely visit Shannon's excellent blog here. You really have to check it out - in addition to being super crafty talented you will learn that Ms Lambden is also quite hilariously funny.

There is a great little interview with Shannon here.

There is much more Aunty Cookie eye candy to see here.

Phew. THANKS so so much Shannon! You're one super clever cookie.

Sadie smiling on the couch, Lola's legs!

best. kids. room. ever??

Lola. Cute shot or WHAT?

Lola's house, don't ya know.

I only share Melbourne homes with Eames chairs in them. (kidding!)

Shannon's new Zaishu stool!

Red and blue never looked so good.

Nice little details... perhaps this came from Arhur's Circus??

Apparently Shannon also has time for a VEGGIE PATCH!? Over-achiever alert.

Awww! Cute car!


  1. One of my very favourite Melbourne girls. Excellent tour.

  2. Wow, superwoman with a super, super home! Love it all. Lee :)

  3. Lucy, love your Melbourne Home blog entries! They are so inspiring.

  4. Such an awesome home!!! Beautiful, amazing - thanks for letting us visit.

  5. No wonder you couldn't choose - all the photos are cool! I love the home series too, thanks lucy for putting in so much work

  6. aww thanks Lucy, that all looks very cool, makes me almost want to live there...!!

  7. Her house is very cool. I was looking throught and I'm like wow I have that small white rabbit too! I have something the very cool Aunty Cookie has in her house! the the ABC on the kids wall as well.

  8. looks like a lovely 'home' rather than just a cute house!

  9. nice stuff!
    ps. is it just me, or does the "radio parts" sign in the last pic look like it says something much funnier?

  10. haha anon i see that! cheeky sign!

    love this soo much! beautiful, colourful and looks like its filled with love. oh and i love the way shannon writes her blog, so funny, a real sense of character.

    does anyone know who did the illustration in the very first pic? id love to know. its fantastic!!


  11. Ooohh super cool tour!
    Love Shannon ;o)

  12. So great, as usual, go Lucy! And what a house...swoon.

  13. shannon actually spoke at creative women's circle the time after you (i think!); her home reflects so much of the personality i saw that day - warmth, humour, creativity, organisation, quirkiness. another beautiful home.

  14. She is a very clever cookie, expecially in such a small space with 2 kids, it is a tiny house!

    I hope you'll approach kootoyoo some time in the future - we're all dying to see her new home, and she has a great sense of style too!