Friday, September 18, 2009

Interview - Ghostpatrol

Mural in Lorne

Paper illustrations

Pencil piece

Softies at the Gorker gallery show

Ghostpatrol is a man of few words and many, many drawings! He's a prolific Melbourne artist whose work includes street art, illustration, sculpture and installations... and he's also the partner, studio-buddy and creative collaborator of last week's interviewee, Miso! (Don't forget you can check out a fantastic ABC doco about this supremely talented pair here).

There's something magical about Ghostpatrol's work. His quiet, thoughtful characters in fantastical scenarios remind me of Miyakazi's enchanting animated films... ('My Neighbour Totoro' especially). It's no surprise to learn that Japanese manga is a major influence.

Anyway I'll try and follow Ghostpatrol's lead and let the work speak for itself...

Thanks so much to GP for his time and sharing all these beautiful images of his work. Must say I'm not too sure about his '123 Fake st' response below...! Just gonna roll with it though... 'cos even if it doesn't actually exist, marshmallow toast at a Pinata cafe sounds pretty awesome ;)

Tell me a little about your background – what path led you to what you’re doing now?

I’m self taught, so yep….. I used to draw a lot,

Now I draw all the time.

How would you describe your artwork?

Drawing based feelings.

How did you meet Miso? How do you support and influence each other creatively? How much of your work is done in collaboration, and how much is independent?

We’ve done many things together over time. We share a studio and rely upon each other for creative advice. Miso is a opinion that I can trust. She is a highly talented beauty.

Miso / Ghostpatrol collaborations - an exhibition last year, and intricate papercut artwork.

What have been some of your favourite artworks, special projects or collaborations?

My favourites change, I’m usually most fond of my most recent work. The past few weeks have all been watercolours and pencil drawings with a few paste ups versions of these drawings. I’m very excited by drawing at the moment, It’s all I think about. I work pretty hard at moving everything out of my life to spend a larger part of my awake time slumped over my light box and sketch book.

Ghostpatrol and Miso at work

GP's work in Melbourne

Where do you turn for inspiration – nature, travel, books, magazines or the web etc?

nature documentaries, trees, animals, manga,

Which designers, artists or creative people do you admire?

Acorn, nior, oliver of the sky, david byrne, marcel dzama, kid acne, CF, simon james, tristan jalleh, maxwell holyoke hirsch.

Ghostpatrol International murals - in collaboration with 8-bit, Acorn and others.

How does your commercial artwork correspond with the artwork you do in your own time? Do the two complement each other well?

I don’t work, I’ve never done commercial illustration,

I just sit in my studio all day 10AM till late 6 days a week,
drawing with short sushi breaks and bad movies on Tuesdays.
I’ve been able to drift away from doing commercial work lately.

What would be your dream creative project?

Something that allowed me to involve all my creative friends.

In a forest, we could ride tame beasts and build an ewok canopy utopia.

What are you looking forward to?

Reading a big pile of comics I recently acquired from a trade.

Melbourne Questions

Where do you shop for the tools of your trade? (ie sketching materials, paints, inks, tools etc).

M.A.S. and omnus framing.

What/where was the last great meal you ate in Melbourne?

Little Zephyr.

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday morning?


Melbourne’s best kept secret?

There’s a piñata café that makes the best marshmallow toast tucked away in 123 fake st.



private garden commission


  1. wow.. gotta love melbourne.. where else can you see such awesome street art.. love all work done by ghost patrol and miso.

  2. oh yay! i've been looking forward to his interview since reading miso's last week. i've been a fan of ghostpatrol's work for awhile now.

    his work definitly does speak for itself, but disappointing that he was a bit sarcastic doesn't really want to share much about it.

    nice pics though!

  3. i could look at that pencil piece all day.....i'm sure i've got a spare wall somewhere...

  4. those pencils are just a killer must have!! aren't they...?

    ooh & aah.


  5. his response to your interview questions were so typical of melbourne male artists!

  6. so incredibly amazing. a definite melbourne treasure!! i loved seeing the colab work done os too.

    now for some more TDF catch up reading - im far behind : )

  7. Qué hábiles dedos y genial la creatividad de esa mente. Felicitaciones y mi admiración,