Monday, September 7, 2009

Handmade in Melbourne

The second edition to Handmade in Melbourne hit the shelves a month or so ago, and I finally picked up a copy last week. It's a really broad, well-researched round-up, it's well laid out, the editorial is interesting and in-depth... but... I have to admit that something about Handmade in Melbourne irks me just a tiny little bit! :( Agghh! How awful!

I think it has a lot to do with the inclusion of full page ads (Coopers Beer ad on the back cover?)... and I am a little curious about the editorial selection process. Metalicus was a weird inclusion for instance. Don't get me wrong - they're a fantastic locally-designed label and should be commended for keeping all their production in Melbourne... but 'handmade'? And although it would be impossible to include every Melbourne crafter.... I just can't help but think how many wonderful local artisans were left out!

ANYWAY look I really really hate to be negative - there are so many fantastic local makers showcased in the book, and it's great to see them promoted in this way. The localised round-ups of some unexpected neighbourhoods like St Kilda, Brunswick and Canterbury also make interesting additions. So don't let me put you off... it's definitely worth a flick through - check it out before making your own judgement...!

Contents pages and Foreward by Wilkins and Kent

Many TDF favourites are included in the book - Madeleine Beatty's gorgeous resin accessories and Madeleine Sargent's beautiful hand-stitched homewares sit happily facing each other on a double-page spread... and then there's the Brunswick round-up! (But how did they miss Lygon st??)


  1. What a gorgeous book! Will definitely be on my christmas list!

  2. i was wondering if you'd do something on this book. its on my books to buy list, which is getting too long ; ) thanks for the honest thoughts always good to hear. the metallicus inclusion definitely seems odd when the books title is 'handmade' in melbourne not simply 'made' in melbourne hmmm and no lygon st... interesting. still from what ive seen there are definitely some local goodies in those pages : )

  3. I feel the same way as you about the book...knowing a few amazing craftspeople were turned down for inclusion.(but there is a 3rd edition planned I think)
    Another niggle is that most businesses are listed under the designers first name...not sure why, but some people may find it confusing.
    And they left out High St. Northcote!(although I'm a bit biased)