Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guest Post - Nadia Barbaro in Tokyo!

Nadia Barbaro's photos of Tokyo concept store Opening Ceremony

Today I feel very lucky to share a guest post from Melbourne fashion stylist (and recent TDF interviewee) Nadia Barbaro! Nadia recently returned from a trip to Tokyo (I am insanely jealous), where she discovered some truly magical examples of Japanese retail design, installation and visual merchandising. Below Nadia shares her favourite discovery - the recently opened Opening Ceremony concept store in Tokyo.

I recently returned from a shopping trip to Tokyo with a friend of mine. I feel like we saw hundreds of shops, it was hard work! The one that stood out the most though, was the new Opening Ceremony Store in Shibuya.

It has eight floors, each one with a different theme and a completely different design. I have never seen anything like it! It only opened two days before we visited it, I was so annoyed I missed out on seeing the Olsen twins appearance at the opening!! Anyway! As you can see, there was a mechanical horseman that was running in the window and a giant gold space-capsule-looking thing that was a change room!

The dolls house is actually a change room that runs along the entire wall. It was so much fun to explore and I really recommend putting it on your must see list next time you are in Tokyo!

I couldn't afford to buy anything : ( but it's worth a visit just for the store design. It's really clever and each level is full of surprises!

Thanks so much Nadia! Be sure to check out Sesame Magazine for more of Nadia's work!


  1. you've got to be kidding me - this is tooooo fabulous! i love it! btw, is it just me or is evry creative mind taking themselves off to japan at the moment? x

  2. I want one here in Melbourne!!!