Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good Wives and Warriors painting at Mr Wilkinson!

Louise Chappell

...and Becky Bolton

Oh oh oh I am reeeeally excited about this!

On Tuesday this week, supremely-talented creative duo Good Wives and Warriors (aka Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell) worked their fingers to the bone for 14 hrs straight, painting an incredible sprawling wall painting along the front wall of Mr Wilkinson in East Brunswick! It is SPECTACULAR!

Becky and Louise painted from 7.30am until nearly 10.00pm! (look close and you might spot me in there helping out a little towards the end...!)

Louise and Becky have a unique long-distance creative partnership. The pair grew up in neighbouring towns in Scotland, and first met whilst studying fine art together at university in Glasgow. These days they collaborate regularly on art projects and commercial illustration work across the globe, despite Becky currently being based in Melbourne, and Louise in London. To learn more about Good Wives and Warriors, you can re-visit my interview with Becky Bolton from earlier this year.

We were lucky enough to snatch 14 hrs of Louise's time so the pair could work their magic at Mr Wilkinson this week... poor Louise had to catch a flight back home that very same evening!

Anyway... is it amazing or WHAT!? Watching Becky and Louise work together is so mesmerising... all the work is free-form - very little preparation or sketching. They have such a close bond, it's really interesting watching them work together... they're so in-sync!

Becky and Louise also currently have an exhibition at Westspace entitled Talking about my Spontaneous Generation. Please support this talented pair by checking out their show before it closes on September 12th!

Good Wives and Warriors are represented commercially in Australia by Jacky Winter. (Huge thanks to JW for the time-lapse lesson and gadgets!)



Tired but finished! Phew! Becky signs their work...

Mr Wilkinson
295 Lygon st
East Brunswick

(Open every night except Tuesdays)

Talking About my Spontaneous Generation - until September 12th
Westspace gallery

Level 1, 15 - 19 Anthony Street

Open Wed-Fri 12.00 - 6.00pm, and Sat 12.00 - 5.00pm


  1. OMG, this mural is just amazing!! I remember reading your interview about them a while ago, I really like their work. Do you know where they got the idea for the mural? Had they discussed it before or did they just rock up to the place and start painting?

  2. omg that's stunning work! ...but it would be so much fun to color in!!!

  3. Awesome. The time lapse was mesmerizing.

  4. Just gorgeous, makes me want to go and view it in person.

  5. absolutely bloody stunning, they are geniousesssss

  6. glorious! glorious! glorious!
    warriors alright! i cant believe louise did this and had to catch a flight back the same night. woah!

  7. oh hon! looks fab; love it! good job, g.w.a.w! a couple of drinks and that work of art behind me could be just what the doctor ordered, i think. x

  8. Fantastic video and artistic talent Lucy! And we LOVE Mr Wilkinson :)

  9. awesome!!! will be popping by soon to say hello to kath and see this amazing new art!!!!

  10. Thanks for all your comments!! Louise and Becky will be so happy to see all your kinds words!

    Myriam, in answer to your question... yeah they pretty much did just rock up and start painting! The subject matter and style ties in with their current show at Westspace I guess... we discussed it very vaguely... but mainly just let them do their thing. It was pretty free-form! So impressive!

    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm everyone! Do drop in sometime to check it out... and don't be shy to say hi f you see me perched at the bar (more than likely!)

  11. Aaagh! cant wait to see it when i get home! i love how stylish thier painting outfits are - i would have to wear overalls or something.

  12. This looks incredible! Lucy I have been too busy to visit here in weeks... and I have so much catching up to do! I must get myself a nice cup of herbal tea and enjoy all the Design Files goodness.

  13. I was walking past the other night and saw it through the window... OMG amazing, when did that happen, how, why, who.... you answered all my questions, thanks Lucy. I am loving you recent melbourne homes post's too!

  14. so so lovely, can't wait to check it out. i also love watching time lapse artist vids! so mesmerising.

  15. Oh, my! That is so cool! That's a lot of work! Great blog btw:)