Monday, August 17, 2009

Pandarosa in Madrid

Been meaning to post this forever.... It is getting so hard to keep up!

Remember Melbourne creative duo Pandarosa who I interviewed many moons ago? With the excellent vinyl-cut wall graphics? Well, in typical form the Pandas are currently working and exhibiting overseas... and these shots are from their recent exhibition 'Creature Comforts', in Madrid!

Unfortunately I am a couple of days late... I think this show just finished. Aggh! I feel quite awful... I get around 50 emails a day at the moment and I'm finding it harder and harder to promote all the talented creatives who get in touch!

Anyway, the show was at a very cool-looking gallery called Subaquatica - check out some images and a profile of Pandarosa on he Subaquatica website here :)


  1. just discovered your blog and it's yummy, i love it, will def be adding to my reading list

  2. hey lucy, as always your posts are great and so generous with images and thoughtful words - what about a short 'end of the week multi-link post' (kind of like Desire to Inspire's "winks - weekend links")... just a handful of short links/pics from people who have emailed you/look interesting that week? it'd mean more fun for us readers, but more importantly not so much work for you...? i don't know... just an idea! :)

  3. The French "Domestic' collection is available in the UK via - it's super-cool and quite cheap. Defo. a great way to transform a room.