Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harmonie Interieure

I wouldn't usually post about wall decals... BUT these decals by French design duo Harmonie Interieure are the exception!

Husband and wife team Fabien and Frederique Barral work together to create Harmonie Interieure's unique designs. There's just something about their work which seems to set it apart... I think maybe it's the typographic element and also the muted colour range... plus the promo shots are so perfectly styled - in that very French-rustic-farmhouse sort of way!

They're available online.... you can also check out these and more of Harmonie Interieure's design work on their Flickr - they've got some incredible graphic design work on there too.

OH and also Fabien and Frederique's gorgeous home is here on Apartment Therapy :) Totally worth a snoop.


  1. Love the stair numbers. It's something I tend to do unconsciously when walking up or down stairs - count them.

  2. beautiful i love the stairs, thats amazing

  3. Now i can have more ideas for my house to build i just love the stairs its so emotional i guess