Monday, August 10, 2009

For Love or Money - upcoming AGDA student event

For Love or Money is an upcoming event organised by the AGDA Victorian student council, aimed at students and recent graduates in the creative industries. In its sixth year running, the event asks a variety of speakers to share their stories, experiences, tips, triumphs and blunders. The speakers come from all walks of the design industry, and are mostly in their first five years out of tertiary or further education.

The event is set to be a really inspiring evening, with a great variety of speakers lined up, including street artist Drew Funk, photographer Justin Ridler, illustrator Sarah Hankinson, Everfresh Studio and many more!

photo by Justin Ridler

Illustration by Sarah Hankinson

This year's theme asks designers about their ‘Money Jobs’ and ‘Love Jobs’. How and what do designers do alongside their 9.00 -5.00 job? How do they breathe new life into their jobs? How do they give meaning to projects accept purely for the money? What fills their time outside of work.. and what funds the projects they do for the sheer love of their craft?

This event sold out super-quick last year! Get your tickets asap!

First Five Out - For Love or Money
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6.00pm, Thurs 3rd September

RMIT Casey Plaza,

Building 10, Bowen st

$10 Students/ FREE AGDA Student Members / $20 General / $10 AGDA Professional Members
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  1. looking forward to it, i really like that poster too. are you going miss lucy?