Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Demo Magazine

Andrew and Mark Moffitt should totally have their own MTV show. The Moffitts are twin brothers... (around 29 yrs old I think?) who live together in an apartment in Rose Bay in Sydney. They both studied at the College of Fine Arts (COFA) UNSW, and have since both gone on to work in very well respected design firms in Sydney... Mark at Moon Design and Andrew at Deuce Design. These days Mark is creative director at Moon, whilst Andrew has turned to the wacky world of freelance, after finishing up at Deuce, and doing a stint as Creative Director at Precinct Design. Between them the pair have amassed an incredible client list - including QANTAS, Jetstar, Sydney Theatre company, Timex and Mambo.

Moffitt Moffitt's latest collaboration is particularly awesome. Demo Magazine is a not-for-profit bi-annual publication which seeks to promote Australia's unearthed musicians... in the most strikingly beautiful way. Andrew says :

"After watching an outrageous performance by a band named the Hell City Glamours in Sydney, we realised there and then that unknown musicians represented a massive pool of untapped talent that was just waiting to be supported and promoted... Supporting musicians gave us the ability to produce something that was both beautiful and progressive but very meaningful and helpful to those who were part of it. Late that night we came up with the name, wrote a proposal and started shooting- the rest is history."

One thing that is really different about the magazine, apart from profiling less established artists, is that Demo really takes a much more creative approach to the way musicians are usually portrayed in print media. You will not see another band in an alleyway glaring into the lens in Demo magazine. Instead, the focus is really on stunning, unique photography and art direction.... an achievement which has been rewarded with an Australian Writers and Art Directors Association Bronze Pencil award for Editorial Design, and numerous AGDA accolades.

Oh, and the mag is A3 size! Which means after you've finished admiring all the stunning words and images, you can plaster your walls in it's pages, or wrap your boyfriend's birthday presents with it.

Do visit the Demo website and support this brilliant independent mag. It's only $10 an issue!


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