Monday, July 6, 2009

Unexpected gifts!

pretty Japanese Masking tape!

Is there anything better than unexpected present? I don't think so. Except maybe an unexpected hug. Depending on who is offering.

ANYWAY this afternoon I just received a little present in the mail from artist/designer/crafter/blogger Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread. It has totally brightened my day! I have never even met Lisa, but she sent me these gorgeous patterned masking tapes from Tokyo! How lovely is that?

Thankyou so much Lisa!!

Hand-printed card on timber veneer made by Lisa! (ps. for the record, Lisa also has the best handwriting I have seen in a long time).


  1. How AWESOME! I love unexpected gifts (and hugs) :-)

  2. super cute! i have been seeing lots of lovely tape around the internet of late, someone needs to bring it to australian stores.

  3. Ah brilliant... I am so looking forward to my trip to Tokyo and stationary is definitely something I'm going to be stocking up on