Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Selby in Sydney

As if Todd Selby wasn't already well-connected enough in NYC without coming over here and hooking up with all our super-cool people in Sydney. Jeepers. At least he hasn't found out about Melbourne yet. Yep, Melbourne is still MINE. ha ha!

But seriously. Did you know The Selby has been taking photos of cool people's houses in Sydney? I had no idea. They're all amazing as usual.

Tina Kaliva's place on The Selby

Natalie Wood's place. Why so many Cats on The Selby?

ps) Oh and if you needed any more reason to be awestruck by Mr Selby's stellar rise to fame (well-deserved, of course!), he also took some amazing photos at the Salone Internazionale del Milan this year for the NY Times. Sigh.


  1. Oh how I love Sydney houses! One day maybe I'll live in Paddington, my dream neighbourhood, with my dream Victorian houses:D

    And it seems Australians really know how to decorate their houses in a really interesting and personal way. I'm a big fan:)

    Great post:)

  2. Wow - lovely homes - how does he find these people? Guess I haven't been contacted cause I don't have a cat...sniff sniff...

  3. wow, so much better than my post on same!

  4. Sofia - YES, Sydney, Victorian houses, leafy foliage, so pretty. ahhhh. Thanks so much for your comment :) When you get your place in Paddington I will come and photograph it for the blog!

    Amy - Yes aren't they gorgeous? I don't know how he knows all these people!? Although they all seem to be vaguely fashion-related (ie models, ex-models, fashion designers, etc etc). Hmmm.

    Rebecca - I just went back to look at yours..! Sorry I didn't notice it at the time! At least yours was more current... I'm very behind! Also it's probably really bad form for me to use so many of his photos without asking. But... you know, isn't that how he got so famous? x

  5. Lucy. Yes melbourne is yours. And dont you forget it!

  6. Lucy, I think we have a deal. I'll talk to you in a few years:P

  7. love love love! mr shelby is so great. and I love j. zanders' partner's green heels hehe : )