Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paddington pad on Apartment Therapy

Was just alerted to this fab Sydney house tour on Apartment Therapy (via @jennymbutler on Twitter!). The Paddington pad belongs to advertising exec Matt Eastwood (who is also on the Gruen Transfer).

I have been struck with a severe case of double-jealousy.

1st - Why does my house not look like this?
2nd - Why do I not have such gorgeous Australian house-tours to share on this site?

Must work harder! x


  1. hey hon, this house was also featured in'inside out' a while ago, styled by mm. they have an awesome eames shelving unit that i covet. i'm sure the other occupant of the house is a buyer or director or product manager or something of 'living edge'...or was it 'space' or ?? god, i need more sleep!! x