Friday, July 17, 2009

Design of the Times - Ticket winners!

Images from Dinosaur Designs' latest range - Fungi. Have you ever seen a more beautiful bowl? No. Me neither.

Thanks so much for your entries for the Liane Rossler 'Design of the Times' ticket giveaway!

The lucky winners were:

Handmade Romance


Thanks so much for all your comments! So sorry to those who missed out!

Evie and Lizzie, please email me your full names and and I will ensure ACCA put you on their door list for Monday's event! More details about the event here.

I'll see you there! x

ps) I was lucky enough to have a coffee with Liane yesterday and she is so utterly warm and lovely and of course completely inspiring! Thankyou blog for introducing me to such wonderful people. x


  1. it's nice to thank our blogs! thanks blog (and blog world) for introducing me to lovely lucy!!! sounds like you're having fun, doing an awesome job, hon. see you monday night. x

  2. Ow I am so jealous of these beauties from the fungi range!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx Liane is too lovely isn't she!