Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caravan - house swapping for creative types!

Caravan's featured property of the month!

You may have noticed another little ad pop up on the site yesterday (in amongst the mad dash for SoD Opening Night tickets!).

Caravan is an excellent idea from the excellent mind of Sydney's Rebecca Wolkenstein. Remember Rebecca Wolkenstein? I wrote about her wonderful photographic/design agency here. (Re-visit. The photos are beautiful.)

Anyway, Caravan is a house swap and short term sublet listing website for commercial creatives and those working in the advertising/media/fashion/art and design industries. Like a smaller, more community-based Craigslist, for creative professionals.

Rebecca says:

If you're an art director relocating internationally for a new job, you can find sublets for far less than the price of a hotel. If you're a photo assistant wanting to try New York on for size, you could post a 'house sitter available' ad and have no accommodation costs at all. A room in LA for a bedsit in New York? A harbourside Sydney apartment for a Collingwood terrace? The possibilities are endless and the costs are miniscule compared with even a modest hotel bill, not to mention the savings of being able to cook at home.

Makes sense to me. There are only a few houses listed currently... but I've no doubt this'll spread like wildfire! If you're heading away this year you'd be crazy not to consider subletting your place! It's what New Yorkers do!

The shots you see here are from Caravan's featured home this month! It's a stunning warehouse apartment in Sydney's Darlington - architect designed and owned, if you don't mind. It is available July 18th - August 8th for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. More details here.

ps) stay tuned late-morning for the results of the State of Design tickets giveaway!


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