Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spring in DUMBO!

Spring - a design store / gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Ok... so clearly I am quite behind with all my NYC posting... I am not even there anymore, and am still catching up with all my photos etc! Thank so so much for all your patience! Also a huge huge thankyou for all your comments and a few emails too! I really appreciate it and am so sorry I haven't been able to reply to every single comment!

These photos are from an area in Brooklyn called DUMBO. New Yorkers love to abbreviate. DUMBO = 'Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass' (ie just at the base of the Manhattan bridge, near the river).

I wish we had been able to discover more of DUMBO... but we did visit a fantastic design store / gallery called Spring. So lovely - and the owners are also super super nice. They support a lot of emerging design talent, and have regular exhibitions showcasing the work of both local and international designers and artists. The current show is called Lost and Found, and was curated by Spring owner and co-founder Anna Cosentino.

Top image - products at Spring, including the Zip Tie Chandlier by Joe Ponciano. Bottom image - Good Eggs ottoman and Drum Stool by Inna Alesina.

Spring stock so many unique designs I had not seen elsewhere - that light fitting in the window (top image) is constructed from cableties (such versatile little things!). In the bottom shot, Inna Alesina's fantastic colourful stools are made entirely from egg cartons - tightly packed and simply held in place with tight cables. They look amazing! Beautiful pieces in their own right - aside from the brilliant eco-friendly concept.

Downtown DUMBO.


  1. tops work lucy! i'm sure no-one minds a little belated posting... in the long run these posts will be a great resource for anyone traveling over that way soon!

  2. all the shops you have posted photos of look so adorable!