Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NYC on Flickr

Chrysler / Taxi - by Spring Globe on Flickr

Guggenheim / Stella - by Spring Globe on Flickr

Ok so I am mid-way through rounding up day 2 and just haven't had a chance to wade through all my images yet...!

So instead thought I would share a really nice little set of NYC shots I just discovered on Flickr by someone called Spring Globe. Love her(?) flitration of little details from this big city! Also it seems her shots are all super current - all posted in the last couple of weeks...

Promise more of my own shots tomorrow!

ps) Spring Globe also has really great Milan design pics... most definitely worth a little browse...

Dean and Deluca - by Spring Globe on Flickr

knitting grafitti and subway - by Spring Globe on Flickr

by Spring Globe on Flickr


  1. Awesome pictures! I love New York except for the fact that I went over Christmas and had to walk on the roadway to avoid the mass hoards of pedestrian traffic.

    Thanks for sharing the not so obvious observations too!

  2. I'm suffering keep up the pics and stories, I am living through you!!

  3. Well hi there, thanks for the compliments - these are mine observations, my name is Mieke Tacken, I live in Amsterdam and post under the name of ' Spring Globe' .

  4. New York is simply a magical place for anyone creative...You've reminded me I need to blog about my trip there in July!