Sunday, June 14, 2009

more NYC favourites...

Even the 'garbage' in Soho is special.

So sorry for the irregular posting of late... been a a bit all over the place. Left NYC few days ago and spent three blissful days in South Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada. Such beautiful scenery! All snowcapped mountains, emerald pine forests and glistening water. Only downside was struggling with somewhat unreliable internet reception!

Anyway still trying to catch up on all my NYC posting... so here, in no particular order, are some more of my favourite finds in and around Soho and Nolita...

ps) Thanks so so much for all your lovely comments - and even a few emails with tips and recommendations! I'm really sorry I haven't been able to respond to all... but thankyou so much for making contact :) It is so lovely to hear from you!

Moss - 150 Greene street, Soho

The current exhibition at Moss showcases Bavaria - a range of limited-edition furniture by Dutch duo Studio Job, featuring a a rosewood finish with folk-art inspired decorative inlay. It was totally AMAZING. This range was commissioned exclusively for Moss.

Moss blurs the distinction between retail design store and gallery... no price tags, stunning one-off pieces displayed individually in glass cabinets like works of art or ancient relics. Beautiful space, incredible concept... but... how do they make any money? I guess perhaps at these prices, one sale a month is enough to pay their rent?

Anyway, Moss is absolutely a must-see if you're a design junkie (like me!). Also, here it kind of feels ok to gawk at all the high-end design without any intention of making a purchase - the staff are mildly snooty... but they're clearly more accustomed to browsers than buyers.

Moss shows pieces from the 'Smoke' range of furniture by Dutch designer Maarten Baas.

Paul Smith - Greene st, Soho

Right next door to Moss, Paul Smith is absolutely worth a visit for the interior design and layout alone. I promise! The layout is similar to a residential home - you wander from room to room. greeted by a slightly different feel and aesthetic in each new space.

One room, in particular, was absolutely covered in original artwork and paintings, hung salon-style all over the walls. The effect was amazing! Also in the entrance area, open books were artfully strung on fishing line and hung across the ceiling... I really love Paul Smith's eclectic decor - no two stores are the same, and yet they all share a distinct aesthetic unlike any other retail environment.

Kisan Concept Store - Greene st, Soho

This store is just across the road from Paul Smith and Moss... a French 'concept store' - the shots on their website really don't do it justice - this store is truly beautiful. An artfully curated mix of ultra-feminine clothes and accessories (ridiculously expensive, of course), cuper-cute designer kids stuff, and slightly quirky yet completely gorgeous home accessories. Interesting, carefully considered mix. Very pricey.

Kelley & Ping - 127 Greene st, Soho

Kelley & Ping is in Soho right near Moss, Paul Smith and Kisan... tasty, quick-as-flash Chinese food (noodles and noodle soups mainly). Cheap and cheerful, in a really lovely industrial meets Hong Kong hawker-bar inspired space. Great for a cheap, casual feed (not always easy to find in this area). Also you're unlikely to have to wait for a table, which is also somewhat of a rarity at lunchtime in NYC.

Kelley & Ping

Kate's Paperie - 72 Spring Street, Soho
(between Crosby and Lafayette Streets, also other stores across New York - see website for details)

BEAUTIFUL paper / stationary / gift wrap and gift card shop. Truly beautiful. Eat your heart out Zetta Florence.

Kate's Paperie

The MOMA store - Soho

Definitely worth a visit in Soho, because trust me, the last thing you feel like doing after 5 hours on your feet at MOMA uptown is killing another hour browsing in their store. Another great reason to visit the Soho store BEFORE you head to MOMA itself, is that you get a free pass to the museum if you spend over $50 in store (I think?). Which is pretty easy to do - especially once you head downstairs to the bookstore! It is AMAZING. I could have seriously spent all afternoon in there. Also a great little selection of designer furniture and lighting, all of which appears to be much cheaper than in it in Aus. Go figure.

John Derian Company - 6 East Second Street (Bet. 2nd Avenue and The Bowery), East Village.

John Derian is a quaint little French-inspired vintage, antique and repro furniture, homewares and kitchenware. They specialise in decoupaged things (apparently)... which seems a little strange to me, and these were certainly not my favourite things in store... but there's enough treasure to uncover here to make it worth a visit nonetheless.

John Derian Company

Maryam Nassir Zadeh, 123 Norfolk (at Rivington Street), Lower East Side

FANTASTIC new clothing /accessories / randomly fabulous things, all pulled together like museum artefacts in a stunning minimal white retail space. A truly unique and perfectly curated collection of international pieces. Don't miss it! I mean that.

A great, detailed review with more product info is here.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh - Top and bottom photos by me, other shots found here. The bottom shot is of the bar across the road from Maryam Nassir... unrelated, but so photogenic I had to include it!

Le Labo - 233 Elizabeth st, (between Prince and Housten), Nolita

Le Labo is an NY brand with a French name, and a very French sensibility. No off-the-shelf perfume here... instead you create your own fragrance from scratch, for a truly unique olfactory experience! Cute concept, very cute shop, even cuter website.

On a side note, Nolita was absolutely my favourite window-shopping / people-watching spot in all of Manhattan - quaint little cobbled streets, lovely little boutiques and gorgeous cafes on every corner (including the wonderful Cafe Gitane!).


  1. Lake Tahoe - Godfather Country! Guess ur are heading homewards Lucy - what a full on trip and so much great stuff captured for TDF fantastic!

  2. Agony reading through this beautiful post. For now, I will have to live off the fondest memories...

  3. Love the pink polka dots rubbish bags!

    Lake Tahoe sounds wonderful. I would love to go there one day :)

  4. design lovers, get inspired by the best, and get even better! look for stark, boca do lobo, lovegrove, delightfull, maarten baas, and so on... and bring creativity to our boring world! :D