Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DKNY sign disappears!

DKNY sign - before and after. Before shot by wallyg on flickr, after shot from Bowery Boogie.

Walking through Soho the other day we were totally shocked to see that the famous DKNY city-scape wall mural (cnr Broadway and Houston), which we had only been admiring days earlier - had been PAINTED OVER. In beige.

How sad. Although it was an advertisement of sorts, it was something of a New York icon. :(

Both these photos are from the Gothamist website (sorry I am on a plane and have no camera cable!!). Pre-beige photo originally from wallyg on flickr, post-beige photo from Bowery Boogie.

According to the flickr caption, the original mural apparently became recognised worldwide after it's inclusion in the opening credits of NYPD Blue! In 2008, Abercrombie and Fitch signed a 20-year, $71-million lease to open a 40,000 square-foot store in the building, and DKNY lost the rights to use the wall. Boo.


  1. Oh my goodness!! Can't believe it!! We just got back from NY last week. This sign was awesome!!! :'(

  2. I miss living in Williamsburg at times. Cannot believe the DKNY sign is gone!