Friday, June 5, 2009

Cafe Gitane

Cafe Gitane exterior / interior. Love the colourful lino floor! Wonder if that's original...

Discovered Cafe Gitane in Nolita yesterday... too lovely for words. So bright and cheery and friendly and no fuss. Instant favourite.

Beautiful food too, with a vaguely French/Moroccan-inspired menu. Cafe Gitane understand that a sandwich doesn't necessarily taste better the more you put in it (unlike Manhattan institution Katz's Deli - which I chickened out on today after seeing the meat:bread ratio of their sandwiches. It was a little scary.) Anyway, Cafe Gitane served me the most truly delicious toasted baguette with prosciutto. So simple and so utterly perfect.

Oh and it's very reasonably priced also. I think we're going back tomorrow ;)

Iced mint tea with sugar syrup on the side, baguette with prosciutto, fresh fruit salad - and Gord had baked eggs with a coffee , served with a tiny belgian chocolate on the side.


  1. I can recomend Cafe Wha - great nite's entertainment. Been three times and have never known how I got home!

  2. Lucy, great wee place. I love the green uniforms of the staff, how stylish! Enjoying seeing your holiday.xx

  3. agggghhhhhhh! what are you doing to me, lucy?! i feel like jumping through every photo and being there with you. cafe gitane was a brekky favourite of our's, great food, great service, great vibe. so happy you are having a happy time. x

  4. yay you went, loving all the nyc updates... soo exciting!! georgiexx

  5. The cafe looks lovely. One comment on the baguette... it's simple like you said, but it looks GIGANTIC!

  6. Lucy Lucy Lucy!
    As if I'm not excited enough about New York in July... your gorgeous photos are not helping my patience.
    Plus you get Shelley and Stephan reminiscing... I'm ready to go now!
    Please keep the New York love coming, happy adventuring! xxx

  7. what a perfect lunch! (and location!) i'm collating places to visit in New York when I do go, and this is now on top of the list. thanks very much! :)