Thursday, May 7, 2009

Megan's Milan press pack

Megan Morton's press kit stash from Milan - love the bronzey coloured Tom Dixon bag..!

If I were a real journalist, I'm sure press kit fodder wouldn't excite me much. But because I usually have to resort to sneaking my camera around and taking photos at trade fairs/shops/showrooms somewhat illegally, the idea of a press kit filled with great photos and endless eye-candy at my disposal seems so luxurious!

The super-fabulous Megan Morton (Megan is currently my most favourite person in the whole world - did you notice?) was generous enough to loan me her Milan press-kit paraphernalia for a few days last week whilst she was in town... so I could share all her goodies with you! She hadn't even had a chance to look through it herself before handing it over for me to scan/copy to my heart's content. How nice is that?

So here we have some of the contents of Megan's gorgeous Tom Dixon metallic totebag. The Jaime Hayon for Baccarat catalogue is too perfect for words. The product, the photos, the colour palette, the layout. Ridiculous super-wonderful.

Baccarat catalogue cover with translucent red overlay. Love it!

Jaime wistfully dreaming up his next creation... hee!

I just can't get enough of Jaime's naive hand-drawn designs..! Why do I love them so much?!

Pagespreads - sorry not the best quality. Daylight savings is no good for blogging!

One of the other gorgeous things Megan picked up was this little wallpaper CD wallet from 39.22 - a new design collective founded and supported by Greek design company CARTECO. 'STREET COLOURS' is 39.22's first range of wallpaper, inspired by the streets of Athens. 39.22. has sourced the street artists of Athens and invited them to create a series of unique wallpapers. Clever clever.

Fabulous original patterns and gorgeous 'sludgy' colours (as Megan would say)! Love the promo video too.

Maison Martin Margiela's white-on-white approach extended to their promo material... a precious little document encased in a flat linen envelope, slightly frayed at the top, and stamped with MMM's 2009 theme - 'Mat, Satine, Brilliant'. Classic and clean, with enough texture/detail to grab attention and encourage the journos to hold onto this keepsake, rather than discard it once they've penned their reviews!

Dedon's promotional material has some nice shots of their weaving in action... these designs are for the gorgeous Riviera Lounger Megan mentioned here.

Ok that's all. No more Milan I promise :)


  1. wow Lucy I loved the little 39.22 video, truly stunning. It was great to get a taste of Milan and see all the style junkies in the photos... How cool is Jamie? thanks for the daily inspiration with my brekky.... Vic

  2. hello lucy! what a treat! I agree with victory about the 39.22 vid! stunning! and thanks for sharing the jaime hayon for baccarat bits - love, love, love. im a sucker for great illustrations. lovely to meet you last night too. thanks so much for chatting with us all. evie x

  3. More Milan is OK by me - I've really enjoyed your posts.

  4. OH Vic hi! How are you!? Thanks so much for the comment. Yes fabulous little video isn't it? Such a cute idea to get street artists involved in designing wallpaper! Genius. AAhhh please lord send me to Milan next year!

    Evie! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! It was so lovely to meet you the other day too! I have added your blog to my blog links... so sorry it wasn't there before! You remind me of Grace Bonney! You look like her :) hee! Chat soon.

    Lisa Tilse - you are so great with the commenting! I really appreciate it! :) Thankyou so much for your encouragement! x

  5. loving the 39.22 wallpaper. have ordered 'no purchases over $100' rule for my family for the next 12 months so I can save up to paper my fireplace.