Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walls Notebook

Did you see this over on the Inside Out blog? Instead of offering blank pages on which to scribble, the Walls Notebook offers 80 pages of New York city walls to spark your creative imagination.

The official website reads -

'Not ready for jail, fines or involuntary community service, but still want to vandalise somebody's wall? With the Walls Notebook you can exercise your creative mischief on 80 untouched New York City walls without fear of repercussions or reprisal'. !!

Great for the budding grafitti enthusiast! But mainly it just seems like such a fun way to free up your ideas... because sometimes it's so hard to start drawing on an ominous blank page... ya know?

You can buy one here for just US$16.95. More info and pics here (including a cute little section where you can draw directly onto the Wall Notebook pages on their website...). This amazing little design was brought to you by US design duo the. (Yeah, they're just called 'the.')

Thanks Grace Lee at Inside Out for this tip-off!

PS) After perusing their website, it seems that 'the.' are clearly design geniuses. Their other creations include the often-blogged Anti-Theft Lunch Bag, the Speak-er (picture below - love it), and the fabulously simple New Lamp, based on my fave fave fave example of contemporary architecture, the New Museum in NYC!

Sheesh. These guys should be millionaires by now.

Speak-er by the.

New Lamp by the. I WANT ONE. Why is it US$1200?


  1. why don't you buy the lamp with a friend with K.Rudd's stimulus and keep it for 6mths of the year each?

    I have started a Flickr pool for people to upload pics of what they're going to buy with the stimulus payment. Let's shop our way out of recession!

  2. I LOVE the notebook Lucy...and agree, the other products are great.

    Thank you. You've solved a gift dilemma for me. :)

  3. Oh great idea Rebecca! I am going on holiday with my $900... how un-patriotic.

    Kate - thanks so much for your comment :) Yes they're such great smile-inducing products aren't they? I am really loving your blog by the way! It is such a great way to remind myself to stop and be calm once daily... Although I can't admit to being very good at it. But I'm trying! thankyou. :)

  4. this notebook is fantastic!

    i know my husband would L.O.V.E it! i should buy it for him as a 'happy k-rudd stimulus pay day' pressie!

    thanks for sharing!!

  5. loving, loving, loving...

    x shelley t - femme de montmartre

  6. Oh I like that wall book... looks like lots of fun and I love the idea