Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Emily Forgot

Oooh I have a real goody for you this Friday. It is so good, it is taking up many hours of photo culling, and re-sizing etc... hence every other post this week will be short 'n sweet I'm afraid.

It'll be worth it! Promise :)

Meantime here's another quicky...

'Zoot Allure!' window display at Selfridges, UK, by Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot. Can't remember how I found her. Awesome graphic work (check out her site), but the main thing that caught my eye are these installations for the windows of UK store Selfridges in March this year. Zoot Allure! They are super-fabulous.

Limited edition print by Emily Forgot for 'If you could' collaboration (totally worth checking out that website too!)

PS) Just realised 'Forgot' is not actually Emily's surname. How disappointing. I want a catchy surname.

Cute shot from Emily Forgot's website.


  1. "Emily Forgot. Can't remember how I found her..." there's a joke or some sort of irony in there. i'm just not witty enough this morning to reword it!