Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Real Living '5 secrets' page - Photo by Tim James. Double click for a larger view.

Ohhh I'm blushing as I post this... but thought I should share... This is me in Real Living magazine's April issue (out today)! Their regular '5 secrets' section is all about trade secrets.... so this is a bit of a round-up of things I've learnt in my wacky job. Nothing ground breaking really, but you know - it was fun! Hee! :) Also featured are my fave vintage Eames dining chairs, an oversized toadstool (which you can hire from The Prop Store in Melbourne next time you have a party!), and my trusty cordless drill.

Thanks to the beautiful Nina M for her personal styling / clothes lending services before this shoot! Thanks also to Clair Wayman and co for calming my nerves and making the shoot relaxed and super-fun!

In real life I don't have cross-eyes. At least, I don't think I do...?


  1. You look great Lucy - not cross-eyed at all!

    As an aside I love the verification words when posting a blog comment. Mine was: hawbonsh

  2. So so great!
    Oh so proud!

  3. Woo hoo, You're a star. Must go and nab myself a copy. And honey, you obviously weren't a Brownie. I can track down a whole forest of mushrooms anytime you like. Trust me.

  4. aw you are SO cute! Congrats! I don't think I've seen many photos of you and I don't see any cross eyes!!

  5. I thought you looked gorgeous. I'm an RL subscriber and loved what you had to say!

  6. oh congrats, i love Real Living.

    but gosh!
    how did April get here already?!

  7. oooh thankyou so much for all your sweet comments! You guys are too lovely :)

    Ebony - You spotted this before anyone! I wouldn't even have known this was on the shelves already if not for your email :) thanks so much lady!

    Lisa - thanks so much for the compliment! ;) I know, how odd are those words!? I think someone at blogger has a bit of fun making them up :)

    Lesssk! Thankyou sweet lady! I have been blushing all day! hee hee.

    Katiecracketnuts - I was the best little brownie! I had so many badges! But I have no mushroom-hunting skills I'm afraid. Except for the 80cm tall, paper-mache variety ;)

    PinkuRocks - KAT I am so excited you are reading! do you know YOURS was the first blog I ever fell in love with 100 years ago :) that was waaay before your got hitched and had your gorgeous little Jake. gush gush. You are my blogging hero. You still moving to Melbourne?

    Lee - Thanks so much! They edited what I had to say quite a lot... I hope it sounds ok!?

    Projectivist - Yes Real Living is so refreshing isn't it! Everything just seems so accessible and affordable... although I always have time for daydreaming with Vogue Living / Belle etc... and yes, April - JEEPERS!

  8. yay lucy!! you look as gorgeous as ever. 'real living' just keeps getting better, in my humble opinion. x shelley t

  9. wowsers! That is sooooo coool Lucy! YOu look like one of those effortlessly cool, super creative people we all want to be! Great stuff. :)

  10. You are too gorgeous Lucy, great photo!

  11. Awwww more blushing and more thankyous... Thanks so much guys!

    Shelley - Thanks so much for your sweet compliment :) Real Living is an odd one... it can be little cheesy at times, and yet, I always find myself buying and enjoying it each month...! I think it's because all the homes and products they feature are so accessible.. :)

    JU! - what a ridiculously awesome compliment! ha! Thanks lady! No no, no one wants to be me..! I spend all my social life blogging! Very boring. Just ask my boyfriend. ;)

    Victoria! - Thanks for the sweet words! been thinking of you.. I have to return your book! See you soon perhaps...? Hope all is well :)

  12. Just got back from my first visit to Melbourne and I must say you have a WONDERFUL city! while browsing the mags, pre-flight I came across your feature in Real Living and bought it right away. Its great to put a face to the name and you did a great job!