Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vodafone TVC

Sorry - it's not exactly breaking news, but I have been meaning to post about this ad for some time... it's a TV commercial for Vodafone that's been on air for a few months now... and it's so Melbourne in every way... I love it!

The ad features Flinders Lane, including one of my favourite CBD cafes (Journal), a little bit of St Kilda - with a glimpse of Luna Park in the background, a very 'Secret Life' style rooftop party in a typical Elwood art deco apartment block, the sun setting through hazy palm trees in St Kilda, and another very typically 'Melbourne' terrace house.

Also... love the casting and the wardrobe styling. The hero actor is so perfectly cast - so real, and again, he seems so typically Melbourne!

Somehow this ad has truly captured the feeling and attitude of this beautiful city... Don't you think?

Or maybe I've just been seduced by the really cute music? (that's 'Because I do' by Scottish band Pearl and the Puppets...)


  1. I love the ad - and Journal too. Its one of the best cafe's in town isn't it - definitely a regular haunt! :-D

  2. Definitely a great ad for Melbourne, makes me want to move there ASAP!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment!

    I love this ad too. I just moved from Melbourne to Sydney and I miss the little laneways in the CBD and the vibe in Fitroy/Carlton...*sigh*

  4. Yes, it does. What i know of Melbourne.
    PS love your blog.

  5. I love this ad too and spotting the local attractions.
    Journal is a favourite of mine too although I don't get a chance to go very often because I work on the other side of the CBD.

  6. Hey ladies, thanks so much for your wonderful comments again! :) Waking up to 5 new comments is a lovely way to start the day!

    Kitty - Yes isn't Journal the loveliest cafe? Love love love. I don't get there often enough because I don't work in the CBD. I am inspired to visit today though! I think I'll go for lunch :)

    Mads - Yes it makes Melbourne seem so fun doesn't it? I keep thinking the laneway shots remind me of NY even..? Is that taking it a bit far!?

    i.d - Oh... Sydney is so beautiful too! Sydney is beautiful in a 'look at me!" kinda way... Melbourne is perhaps more subtle... Moving to another state can be so hard at first... :( Have you seen my Surry Hills Shopping Guide? It's my favourite part of Sydney... sure to lift your spirits! Don't fret... Fitzroy / Carlton will always be here waiting for you :)

    Michelle Parks - Thanks for your lovely comment :) so glad you enjoy the blog!

    MissK - I love Journal too, and also, don't visit often enough. I am in my car driving around town all day for work usually, and Flinders lane is no good for parking! Have you been to Journal Canteen upstairs? Very good also!

    Thanks thanks thanks for all your comments! x

  7. Love, love, love that ad!
    And I love my beautiful Melbourne.

  8. Can you send one like him for me up to Sydney pretty please ? Tina

  9. It is definitely a great ad and I actually worked on it too! For the record, the director is a wonderful (Melbourne)guy and his prolific work is always top class.

  10. Thanks Belinda and Tina for your comments! :)

    anonymous - I was trying to find out who directed the ad... My instinct was that it must be an Exit Films job - but I can't seem to spot it on their website! If you get a chance, let me know who directed!? Thanks so much! x

  11. this is a little too like a Michel Gondry clip he did for Kylie a few years ago for my liking.... i think it was 'cpme into my world'?

  12. Oh YES Adi I didn't even think of this but you are totally correct. I just checked out the Gondry clip... very very similar. I'm sure the ad agency must have been influences by this... although Gondry's was shot all in one long shot.

    I think the music makes a big difference! Much prefer Pearl over Kylie! Also, Kylie walks funny. It's distracting. ;)

    I still like the 'Melbourne-ness' though! Thanks so much for your comment (and interview!)! xx

  13. Oooh yes I love this ad too! Although this is the first time I've seen the long version - it makes a lot more sense now :)

    Ahh Journal, how I love thee.

    And I just learnt that City Library has a communal piano! How awesome is that.

  14. I love this Ad toooo.
    It makes me happy.