Monday, January 5, 2009

Paper Graphics by Yulia Brodskaya

Stunning paper graphics by London illustrator/graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya

I always feel a bit guilty for 're-posting' something I only just saw on another blog recently... But... I guess it's the nature of the blog beast! (I think it's ok once in a while as long as you state the original source...)

Anyway, these gorgeous paper graphics by Russian-born, London-based Yulia Brodskaya have been doing the blog rounds in the last few weeks... and I just can't help but jump on the bandwagon! You know I can't resist intricate paper craft and hand-made type!

More of Yulia's beautiful paper illustrations. The image on the left is part of an incredible series of Christmas illustrations for London's Guardian newspaper.

In the olden days of traditional handcraft (*ie in the era of ruffled lace toilet paper holders and knitted coat hangers etc) I believe this technique was known as 'paper quilling'...

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More from Yulia's series of illustrations for The Guardian in the UK

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  1. Wat a greate work, Its really excellent job no one is not done previously. This is the first time seeing in my life, I just love this work. its really appriciated one and how will do the design can you share tutorials so we can learn good things. very cool color combination i can't move my eye to see other design. You did some magic on that.