Tuesday, January 27, 2009

more from Gemma Comas

More shots from the online portfolio of Gemma Comas... so sweet! (Ms Comas also has a blog of more recent work here).

I only wish she would credit the stylist.... such a gorgeous collection of props/dressings...

*update - thanks to eagle-eye readers Nicole and Polka Dot Bride for pointing out that this delectable food styling is by NYC dessert-guru Amy Atlas! Jeepers... check out the eye candy on her website!

via SusyJack*


  1. wowsers!!!!!!!!!!! That styling is exquisite!!

  2. Oooh it is lovely, that is the work of Amy Atlas! http://www.amyatlas.com

  3. Hey Lucy, just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog (finally put a link to it on mine!). The jeweller you mentioned a while back, Rachel Gorman--do you remember that she did the Creative Arts course with us?

  4. I can help you out on that front- the most exquisite candy buffets you will ever see! They're by Amy

  5. Hey ladies, thanks for your lovely comments!

    Ju - YES perfect styling alert! Very Martha Stewart... oooh must practice this kind of attention to detail! :)

    Rachel - thanks so much for the lovely comment and the link! NO i did not realise we studied with Rachel Gorman! perhaps I wasn't in her classes... perhaps this warrants an individual interview! Thanks so much for the tip-off!

    Nicole and Polka Dot Bride -
    Thanks for the Amy Atlas Tip off! I shall update the post with this info! (and of course have a through browse of the Amy Atlas website myself!)

  6. Does anyone know where you can get those beautiful spherical balloons from? I tried Googling 'round balloons', 'sphere balloons' and 'spherical balloons' but no luck... I'm already thinking of a springtime picnic and would love to use them to mark our territory!