Monday, January 19, 2009

Design Quarterly Vol 32 - featuring my first published work!

I was so excited to receive the latest issue of Design Quarterly in my mailbox last week - because this issue contains 2 articles written by me!

Last year when I was writing for the Melbourne International Design Festival Blog I met some lovely Melbourne design types including Kate Hannaford of Moth Design, prolific curator and Artichoke Magazine editor Kate Rhodes, and Alice Blackwood - formerly of The National Design Centre, and now editor of Design Quarterly!

It was so great to meet all these inspiring young women doing great things in the Australian design industry... and it also opened up some incredible opportunities for me... I've since contributed to both DQ and Artichoke Magazine, and hope to do more editorial work this year.

Design Quarterly Volume 32 features a profile I wrote about Melbourne design duo Pandarosa, and I also contributed a feature article about Design Blogs. I am a little self conscious about the writing - it's been edited a little by the mag and there are some bits now that I look back on and wish I had worded more carefully...!

Annnyyyway... check it out... but be kind! I'm getting better ;)

(if you click on the image below, it'll blow up just big enough to be able to read the text...)

Title page of my Design Blogs article in Design Quarterly this month

Pandarosa article

Another great article in this issue forecasting the next design trends (a collaboration with international trend forecasting company Promostyl) Don't cha just love those Elke Kramer pendants? I have an interview coming up soon with Ms Kramer actually...


  1. Congratulations Lucy! I'll be sure to get my copy today.

  2. Oh, wow! Congratulations Lucy! x

  3. Ooooh thanks Lisa and Claire for your kind comments :)

    Am feeling a little jittery about these articles - they were the first I ever wrote for a print publication and I think I've improved a lot since then (I submitted these a looong time ago - I think perhaps in October last year?)

    Anyway thanks so much for your support and encouragement! :) Hopefully these are the start of many more exciting writing projects.

    Lucy x

  4. will def get a copy of this! congrats!


    im not sure if you know but im slowly creating a happy list on my blog and as a part of this little venture im asking bloggers who inspire me to share their happy lists too, i would love for you to take part! all you have to do is create a happy list and email it to me and ill include it on my blog =) you can include any images you wish also.

    thanks! (v.macphail(at)

  5. Congrats Lucy that's so awesome to hear (and read)! I wouldn't worry about not being 100% happy with the, no one ever is, but they're just such great achievements.
    If you're over in North Melbourne within the next two weeks have a look at the Kids in Berlin shop window, as a friend and I put it together this morning for harvest magazine! Quite exciting.

  6. Awesome stuff Lucy!!!Very exciting (and alittle scary) I know...but all the more creative strings to your bow! (that rhymed!! on fire today...)

  7. Congratulations on having two articles published in the one magazine. Quite a feat! The writing is really smooth and, seemingly, effortless.