Monday, December 1, 2008

Melbourne Design Market round up

Couldn't resist this gorgeous shot! How cute is the red/white bubble skirt... and those 50's seamed stockings? Best dressed at the market in my humble opinion. Fashion students perhaps?

busy busy!

Australia may be on the brink of recession there certainly was no sign of an economic downturn at the Melbourne Design Market on Sunday! As always, the turnout was incredible.... this has surely got to be the most popular design event in Melbourne.

Lots to see and buy, and its just so encouraging to see so many people out in force supporting local independent designers. Highlights above and below:

Gorgeous hand-made polka-dot ceramics by Sandra Bowkett

Lovely crocheted Christmas baubles from Ella Sanders (formerly Ellka, who I've featured here a couple of times...)

Great to see Ink and Spindle so busy! It was also lovely to finally meet the gorgeous Lara Cameron for the first time, after interviewing her by email earlier this year. The Ink and Spindle girls must have been so busy setting up their studio and preparing for the market... Do check out their website for more info and for some gorgeous shots of their stall before the crowds set in!

Lara Cameron's lamps, and the lovely lady herself on the right - LOVE her gorgeous skirt, made from her own fabric.

Was lovely also to meet Kate Bezar from Dumbo Feather... albeit very briefly :) Actually an interview is in the works so stay tuned ... :) She's one inspiring lady!

Studio Round's Hold All bags. You can also buy them here.

Graphic Design Studio Pip and Co were selling all manner of printed matter... postcards, notebooks etc... and I loved those mini tiny notebooks above! They do some really fantastic, interesting graphic work. Andrew Ashton from Pip and Co also was telling me about his blog.

More from Pip and Co

Great handmade necklaces from Mucke, made from recycled and screenprinted T shirts (also available at Craft Victoria).

Little Salon was absolutely teeming - the crowds were 3 rows deep! Gorgeous brooches and accessories...

Spacecraft - always a winner with the crowds...

I loved this interesting, bold and very contemporary powder-coated jewellery by In Sync Design... Gorgeous stuff!

LinkThe incredible crafting-whirlwind Pene Durston was helping out at lighting designer Gregory Bonasera's stall (that's both of them chatting to a customer in the top image). How does she find the time? Below - one of Gregory Bonsera's latest ceramic designs.

Recycled tea-cup lights from Gergory Bonasera

Daylight! Ahhh - aren't we lucky to live in such a beautiful city?


  1. Thanks for writing about our stall :) Wish I'd had the chance to meet you too...but it was so busy. Maybe next time ;)

  2. Hey thanks so much Bianca, I know I would have loved to meet you all... so sorry it was such an overwhelming busy day and I was struggling to get all my photos and deal with the crowds! I would love to meet you all... perhaps we need to make a plan for me to visit your lovely studio one day and profile Ink and Spindle properly!?

    You guys have done such an incredible job setting up your new studio... I have really enjoyed watching its progress on the blog! It's inspiring.

    Thanks so much for your comment :)

    Lucy x

  3. Hi Lucy!

    Oooh thanks from me too for the lovely mention of our stall and all the pics! It was so good to meet you in person too finally! We'd love to have you come down to the studio one day - it will look a bit prettier in a couple of months though when our subtenants finally put the dividing wall up :)

  4. Oooh! I love those tea cup lights! So cute!

  5. Hey Miss Lucy,
    J & I were heading to the market but got bogged down in buying shoes for kids and then a birthday party at Birrarung Marr playground. So close, you could prob see us in that last pic!! Next time.....xxAmber

  6. Thanks for the great photos, i was rather upset that i couldn't go. But now i feel like i was there!

  7. Great photos. I've included your blog in a recent posting "20 Awesome Photography Blogs - Melbourne Australia". Please check us out when you have a moment. Best of luck and keep up the great work!

  8. Hey thanks again for all your lovely comments :)

    Lara - yes was so lovely to meet you and I totally want to profile Ink and Spindle properly and come visit once your dividing walls are up! :) please keep me posted!

    Jamie - Yes, I've seen a few versions of teapcup lights around recently... these are really cute and have a very delicate fitting at the top which is unusual... lovely.

    Amber - ohhh sorry we missed you! It was a crazy day and possibly not the most kid-friendly event given the crowds... but we must catch up soon! xx