Thursday, December 11, 2008

Banana Case

Do you know what's been missing in your life up until now?

A Banana case of course! Ingenious! No more squashed black bananas in the bottom of your handbag. Plus, apparently these are advertised with the guarantee that 90% of bananas will fit inside the case.

Only in Japan. :)

*update - Thanks for all your comments! It appears this ingenious product has also been spotted in Sweden, Australia, Holland, the UK, and the US... who knew!?

via Pinku


  1. I might be wrong, but I think the original is a British invention called the "Banana Guard". - eccentricity is something that Japan and the UK do have in common.

  2. actually these have been available in australia for about a year. i've seen them in various homeware stores, like robin's kitchen.

  3. hey, not only in Japan! I saw this in Amsterdam :P

  4. I have a banana guard... my bananas are safe and it never fails to raise eyebrows in the lunch room!

  5. in sweden too. : )
    for more than 5 years or something!

    but anyway, it is awsome!
    i wish i hade one! : (

  6. you can get them from the MoMA gift store, in New York, as well. i love this as a stocking stuffer!!

  7. oooh my goodness who would have thought a humble banana case would make for so many comments! Thanks so much for all your comments and info!

    I stand corrected - clearly this ingenious invention has made its way to many international shores! (Sweden, Australia, Holland, the UK, and the US!). Wow!

    Thanks guys! Lucy x

  8. i suspect the bananas my husband buys are far too large for a guard hehe (that sounds ruder than I intended....)

  9. I have one of these! Its great! My narnies have never been safer in the deep dark depths of my handbag!
    Oh & im in Melbourne!
    I did give some away as gifts - they didnt 'get' em!!

  10. I saw a guy yesterday with a banana case in my psychology lesson i have never seen one before i nearly died its the most weird invention ever! wat else you guys gunna think up? haha funny stuff

  11. i'm kinda obsessed with bananas...

    i'm kinda obsessed with these!!!


  12. you can get them at