Monday, November 3, 2008

Mr Wilkinson

Mr Wilkinson entrance area and bar - For the fit-out Gordon used a variety of recycled timbers and timber veneers, black steel, and charcoal grey upholstery for the banquettes.

This weekend was a huge weekend for my partner Gordon - after months of hard work, the brand new bar he has been working on in Brunswick opened on Saturday night!

Gordon and his business partners Kitty, Jack and Robbie have had a huge few months - lots of early starts, late nights and legal red-tape to wade through... but I'm so, so proud of their efforts! Gordy designed the interior, and built the entire fit-out, with the help of his partners. He's built a lot of bar fit-outs in Melbourne, but this is the first he can call his very own!

The bar is called Mr Wilkinson, and takes its name from the ‘Father of Brunswick’, Mr Thomas Wilkinson, who founded Brunswick more than 150 years ago. According to our research, Thomas Wilkinson was apparently known as a generous and charitable man, having donated land for the area’s first Church, established the first local newspaper, and set up Brunswick’s first post office in 1846 in his own home!

I can't claim very much creative involvement in the project other than sourcing some fabrics and lighting etc, but one of the small contributions I did make was facilitating the current exhibition of paper sculptures by my favourite Melbourne artist Nicholas Jones! Nicholas' stunning installation of book sculptures will grace the front wall of Mr Wilkinson over the next few months, and then we'll rotate the exhibition, and feature different local artists every couple of months.

Do pop down and check out the bar if you get a chance in the coming weeks! I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time there... so if you see me - don't be shy, say hello :)

Mr Wilkinson

295 Lygon st

East Brunswick

Open Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri from 4.00pm - late.
Sat and Sun 2.00pm - 1.00am
Closed Tuesdays.

Opening night! Top image - a feature wall of recycled timber floorboards is on the left as you enter the bar, facing Nicholas Jones' stunning paper sculpture installation on the opposite wall. Bottom image - black framed industrial windows face the bar area. Simple incandescent tube lighting designed by Gordon hangs above the bar. (photo credit - Willy Beecher)

More opening night madness!

Nicholas Jones' work, currently on display in the front section of the bar. All pieces are for sale - do contact Nick with any inquiries.

details details! Left - the outside area, which runs alongside the building, and features those fantastic industrial factory windows. Right - close up of the banquettes, and the recycled floorboard feature wall on the left. (photos - Willy Beecher)

Towards the rear of the bar, the toilet block walls are clad in jarrah, and the brick wall opposite is lit from below with floor lights. How about that saw-tooth factory roof? Love it. (Photos - Willy Beecher)

Mr Wilkinson exterior, bit blurry... but don't Nicholas' artworks look just perfect from the window?


  1. Whoa. What a great looking bar. Can't wait to get acquainted with Mr. Wilkinson.

  2. FANTASTIC!!!! how exciting! congrats guys! :)

  3. Brunswick is taking off with that excellent new bar. I can't wait to become a regular

  4. We found the bar by accident today but were so pleased with what we found. Stylish layout. friendly laid back staff and ice cool beer. A great addition to Brunswick. from N & F

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments about Mr Wilkinson... great to hear from a few locals! Thanks for your valuable feedback :)

    It's still early days, down the track they're hoping to have a beer garden out the back, some more seating etc etc... all in good time.

    Thanks again for all your kind words!

  6. Oh wow that looks totally amazing. Congratulations to your man!! I can only imagine how much hard work that would be!!!

    And I love the inspiration for the name too.

    Time for me to rally up the girls for some drinks I reckon :)

  7. yeah the new bar rocks, well done all!

  8. wonderful! can't wait to check it out. xx

  9. how wonderful, can't wait to check it out.

  10. Hiya Lucy, thanks for writing to me about Mr Wilkinson, it looks just fabulous!! I'll let you know when I'm planning on dropping in, so hopefully we can grab a glass together.

    And congrats to Gordon! :)

  11. heard all good things mr wilkinson!
    cant wait to get there, see you tonight

  12. This Bar is Fantastic! I visited just after it opened in November. Now back in the UK I'm sending everyone I know over to Oz to check it out - well a slight exagerration but my sister-in-law's boss' daughter is keen....