Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas in print

Inside Out - special Christmas issue

Shots from the beautiful (and slightly Christmas-ified) home of Sydney stylist Lynsey Fryers.... ahhhhh... love. it. Photos - Petrina Tinslay.

I know I know... Christmas is just another marketing ploy to make us buy more stuff. Possibly... but Christmas is also such a good excuse to indulge your creative side - its a stylist's heaven, and needn't be all about the $$$. Both Inside Out and Real Living have special Christmas issues out at the moment... and before you pounce on me for perpetuating the Christmas PR machine, both these issues are really, really good!

Both mags offer some seriously stunning content and photos to drool over... really gorgeous and carefully considered stories that certainly don't feel like the left-overs from previous issues (as can sometimes be the case with 'special issue' publications). Inside Out shares some beautiful Aussie homes all dressed up for Christmas, some incredible food spreads, as well as simple DIY decorating ideas from the likes of fashion designer Lee Mathews and stylist Lynsey Fryers.

Real Living has a more level-headed, budget-conscious approach to the holiday season. They offer a really great, thorough article on how to 'give back' at Christmas time (volunteering, mentoring and fundraising etc), as well as the obligatory gift guides and creative, cost effective decorating and wrapping ideas. Of course, there's also a great collection of gorgeous Australian homes to peek at.

Go and get 'em.

Christmas wreaths from Inside Out. Styling - Vanessa Colyer Tay, Photo - John Dennis.

Bohemian-esque Christmas party at the studio of Sydney artist (and Inside Out favourite) Lisa Cooper. Photo - Sharyn Cairns

Gorgeous Christmassy prop styling from Inside Out. Stylist - Glen Proebstel, Photo - Sam McAdam.

Real Living's summery Christmas cover

Love this retro-style living room with Christmas flourishes from Real Living. How about that gorgeous little couch? Styling - Rachel Brown, Photo - Amanda Prior.

Real Living round ups the best in wrapping papers

Real Living cute, inexpensive gift wrapping ideas


  1. Nice Christmas stuff!

    I found THIS when Christmas shopping in NYC!


  2. I never buy house-y or interior magazines but whenever i see pictures of their content i wonder why! They are so amazing.

  3. I bought Inside Out when it came onto shelves and agree, it's a great edition.

  4. Hey ladies thanks so much for your lovely comments!

    Anonymous - great Christmas cards! I like the 'Hope'... also 'Peace' and even 'Joy' seem equally relevant!

    Imogen - I wish I had your restraint! I can't seem to avoid interiors mags... I just spent $36 on the new international magazine 'frame' today. Aggghh. $36!

    Katiecrackernuts - yes the Inside Out is great isn't it!? Love the cover image... and I just want to cut out every single page.