Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bernabeifreeman for Designer Rugs

Mosaic rug by Bernabeifreeman for Designer Rugs - love that colour palette!

left - Brodie, right - Lace Like

I can't keep up with Designer Rugs. If collaborations with Akira Isogawa, prominent aboriginal artist Minnie Pwerle, Dinosaur Designs and Catherine Martin weren't enough, they're at it again, this time with Sydney duo Bernabeifreeman.

The collection comprises 6 beautiful handknotted rugs, each featuring lacey, geometric patterns reminiscent of Bernabeifreeman's popular lighting range. (images below).

via the Living Edge Blog

Applique Rug
Bernabeifreeman's Lace Lights

ps) on a side note... is Catherine Martin getting enough PR at the moment? Jeepers Creepers! She's good, but man... that movie's got a lot to live up to!


  1. Here here to the side note! I will see the film - but ALL this marketing blah going on around is really putting me off! tooo much!

  2. i KNOW!

    First the designer rugs spread in last month's Vogue Living, MORE Australia PR in this month's Vogue Living... the Sunday papers (what was that front cover shot of CM on the grass with a daisy in her hand?).. Harpers Bazaar... agghh.

    You'd think there was no other film production going on in this country. :)

    Glad it's not just me! thanks for your comment!