Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sydney Home - Tamarama House

Whilst in Sydney last week I received an email from Melbourne reader Anthea, who put me in touch with her sister Tina in Sydney... I think her words were "She's got an amazing house in Tamarama by the beach... and she's a bit of a design tragic too, she'd be able to give you cook's tour of design shopping in Sydney!"... or something along those lines! Anyway, curiosity got the better of me, so of course I got in touch with Tina and arranged to meet!

Tina gave me so many great suggestions of design shops to see in Sydney (Surry Hills Shopping Guide to come!), and was also kind enough to show me her beautiful home so I could take some shots to share.

I hope you enjoy these photos of Tina's gorgeous home. Thanks so much to Tina (and Anthea) for getting in touch, and for letting a complete stranger with a camera into your home!

light-filled loungeroom, featuring a beautiful collection of original artwork

I loved this little window seat area. Also love the modern hammock-style chair Tina bought from a local young designer

5 Eames black plywood chairs encircle the frosted glass dining table

Tina said she wanted to design her bathroom to look like a hotel bathroom. Mission accomplished! Love the slick marble finishes and those gorgeous, generous sash windows.

more lavish bathroom details

Tina's understated bedroom with a feature wall of ornate wallpaper in aqua/bronze tones behind the bed, dark floorboards, classic white walls and blinds, and that gorgeous Eames rocker in the corner! Lovely vibrant touch.

I loved this unique hall runner! A great contrast to the white walls and dark / floorboards. I would never have thought to use a chequered style like this but it works so well!

Tina's second bedroom, entirely wallpapered in silver 'Horses Stampede' wallpaper by Florence Broadhurst. So brave! Love it.

wallpaper detail

A stack of stuff in the second bedroom. Those tram/bus scrolls are a little bit everywhere but I do still love them. Wish I has 'styled' this shot a little more! Was rushing a bit at this stage but in retrospect I wish I'd removed that hand-towel on the left!

The rear of the house

The lush back garden - it was a wet day.... on a clearer day the view would have been amazing...

Front entrance


  1. Yes yes lovely isn't it? Some very brave choices, too, which is always nice to see (and rare)!

  2. pretty nice place!
    have been enjoying your blog, i appreciate the work you put in :)