Friday, October 3, 2008

Space Furniture Sydney

Space exterior and lower level

Space Furniture in Sydney is huge. Set over nearly 4 levels, the showroom oozes refined international appeal, showcasing many more products than the Melbourne showroom can offer.

I was quite impressed that the styling and merchandising throughout was so slick... The sheer quantity of floorstock could easily have resulted in a cluttered-looking showroom, and can sometimes dilute the quality and appeal of each individual piece. This is certainly not the case at Space in Alexandria... every item were perfectly displayed and complemented by its surroundings.

So much interior eye candy in one place... it was a little overwhelming.

ahhhh... love those illuminated display shelves in the entrance area.

top - more of those stunning illuminated display shelves. bottom - Moooi's Random Lights are one of my favourite Space pieces, shown here in a concentrated cluster.

Poltrona Frau's very special Oceano Trunk by Andree Putman... whilst it appeals to the nostalgic idea of a 1920's ocean cruise, this one's strictly for the bedroom - the sales consultant said it takes around 4 guys to lift it! The detailing is stunning... a drawer for every conceivable trinket, and a fold-out mini desk with a little pouf to sit on.

A perennial favourite - Patricia Urquiola. LOVE her outdoor stuff.... such contemporary shapes, but always with a twist of traditional detailing. Those white chairs (below) are so stunning! Angular yet organic in shape... at $2000 each I'd be a little worried about leaving them outside.... The Canasta series above is also beautiful... I first saw these at Space in Melbourne at Saturday in Design.

Wide shots to give a sense of the amazing space! Below - playful freestanding Zanotta bookshelves.

kooky stuff. Top - ever-popular colourful Cartell chairs. Below - Ingo Maurer's LED glass table... a table with tiny LED lights embedded into its glass surface - powered very mysteriously, with no visible wires at all! Perhaps the glass somehow carries an electrical current? more info here.

old favourites beautifully displayed... I love the display of the loose fabric covers using meathooks... the various textures/patterns look so good all lined up like that.

Great selection of books as always... also loved this shallow colourful bowl made of recycled magazine/newspaper pages.

Yes - a knitted clock. Ingenious!

Space Furniture
84 O’Riordan Street
NSW 2015

ph. 02 8339 7588


  1. Please, please tell me you wrote down the company that made that knitted clock! I really must have it, and I did not find it on their website :(

  2. That LED lit glass table is cooooooooooool. Reminds me of the interior of Gingerboy!

  3. ohhh didn't write down the clock details but have just googled and found it elsewhere! - it's called The Gomitolo clock and is designed by Carlo and Benedetta Tamborini.

    More info here -


  4. Claire... I know it's fun isn't it? Very sparkly!

    Yes a little Gingerboy-esque... :) Imagine a whole retaurant of these!


  5. that knitted clock is amazing! wow.
    a stitch in time eh... (groan!)