Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Illustration by the amazing Rob Ryan. He has his own shop in London now! He is making amazing things! Visit him here!

A big thankyou for your patience this evening as I have been re-designing my layout. I've been making changes, previewing and tweaking all evening, so I'm sure it was slightly irritating for anyone actually trying to read the content!

Three columns allows for lots more fun features... more to come, but I've just started by posting some web shopping finds... and Trent Jansen's gorgeous Kissing Pendants because they just make me smile every time I see them :)

I would love any feedback about the new layout.... how does it work in your browsers? I got an email recently saying my site was taking a long time to load due to all the photos... has anyone else had this trouble? Would love to hear all and any of your thoughts.

Thankyou so much! :)


  1. sites looking great! it loads quickly for me and everything looks in place, i'm running a mac with mac os x 4.1, using firefox!

  2. Imogen, thanks so much for taking a moment to comment! I still have some tweaking to do, but overall I am quite happy with the new look... It feels more 'roomy' and creates so much potential for new sections :)

    Great to know you have no trouble loading the page... I don't either... I got a little worried when someone emailed and said it took 4 minutes to load! Hmmm. Wish I knew more about these things...!

    I really appreciate your comment about this!

  3. Hi Lucy, I've never had a problem - all loads pretty quickly. Being a Melbourne girl visit all the time to see where you have been and who you have interviewed. All is good!