Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Other people's books

If there's anything better than house-sitting a beautiful apartment in Sydney for a whole week... it would have to be having unlimited access to the most incredible library of design books during your stay!

Below are my favourites from Bec's extensive collection... just thought I'd share... after all, it is my birthday month... ;)

Burley Katon Halliday by Heidi Dokulil, published by Thames and Hudson (also spotted at Kinokuniya!)

Burley Katon Halliday page spreads to follow

Italian Designers at Home by Alessandra Burigana, published by Verbavolent

Italian Designer at Home page spreads to follow

Vogue Living Houses, Gardens, People page spreads to follow


  1. the second from last photo resembles my office hehe

  2. Oh I should have mentioned it is Sofia Coppola's home office! hee hee. I love the colourful mess. My mess never looks that pretty! :)

    Thanks so much for your comments! x

  3. luce... lucky im not working so i can keep up with all the new posts.. loving it.. xxx

  4. Hey Marns... lucky I'm not working so I can keep up with writing them!

    Hee hee. I am working on an ad next week but not much else on the horizon. Although must say aside from the whole money thing its quite fun :)

    Thanks so much for your comment! Perhaps another catch-up is in order soon!? maybe after next week? x