Monday, September 15, 2008

Real Living latest issue

A little eye candy from the latest issue of Real Living Magazine (Oct 08 issue)... gorgeous collection of photographs and real homes and ideas as always. I loved the kids cooking feature even though I have no children to cook with or for! How beautiful is the shot of the kids in kitchen below? Agggh. Cuteness. Although I'm assuming cooking with 5 children in the kitchen probably isn't quite this much fun in reality. ;)

Unfortunately my scanner is playing up a little and the whites are a little blown out...

kids in the kitchen!

I'm gathering inspiration for imminent kitchen reno... this simple white kitchen looks lovely but mainly I liked the industrial-ish black steel framed doors opening onto the garden! Wish they weren't cropped quite so much... I want a good look at them!

Always love a good kids room. Cute mural but actually I mainly I loved the blurry wriggling little one on that gorgeous yellow/white saucer chair...

Succulents! My best friend in the garden. They always look lovely no matter how much you neglect them...

Beautiful contemporary reno of a Victorian home in South Melbourne. How about those floor to ceiling glass walls? Man. Safety glass that size isn't cheap!

PS) Also the Oct issue issue contains Natalie's pregnancy diary and photos of her beautiful bub Charlie...! Gorgeousness.


  1. oh, that last image is incredibly beautiful!
    and i would love a kitchen like your 2nd image, too.

  2. Lucy,

    Sam and Vic just passed on your blog address.

    What a beautiful collection of musings.
    We are finishing up on Dirt Game this week so I'll have some time to check out some of your links.
    also of interest. This is a show in the Melb Fest I did the set design on.


    Kate Russell