Monday, August 4, 2008

Claire Nereim new work

Wildflowers Forever Calender by Claire Nereim

Claire Nereim sent me a super-sweet email last week... it was so modest and beautifully worded (actually I may have to cut-and-paste it for next time I need to send one of those polite little 'please look at my new work on my website' email).

ANYWAY the very talented Ms. Nereim was writing to let me know that she has recently completed some lovely new silk screen work which you can look at on her website. You might remember I posted about her gorgeous 'Seasonal Fruits' calender a little while ago? Her latest work includes a new 'forever calender' depicting wild flowers on a black background... beautiful simplified shapes and striking bursts of colour... lovely stuff.

Claire's site is so worth a browse - lots of thoughtful, experimental graphic projects and I also LOVE her silk screened posters. You can purchase either of her 'forever calenders' at her Etsy shop.

Star Calender by Claire Nereim


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