Friday, August 29, 2008

Brother Baba Budan

Brother Baba Budan, 359 Little Bourke st, City - this photo from their website

BBB interior - photo by me

Do you know how many Melbourne designers/creative people I am currently waiting on to respond to INTERVIEWS for this site?


7 interviews sent and none yet returned. Two of those people have had over 3 months to respond. Numerous polite reminders later, still no answer. (This is after they have initially agreed and requested for the questions to be sent through).

What is going on?

I can only apologise that once again today there will be no interview here for you to read :( blah. I'm sorry.

Instead let's look at my new favourite Melbourne cafe.

Brother Baba Budan is the most recent offering from the Troika/Ray/st. Ali clan. They sure know what they're doing. Great coffee, lovely little space, intimate (ie seating for just 15 people!), friendly atmosphere. And chairs hanging from the ceiling. What more could you want?

Yeah I know its not exactly breaking news but you know... still worth sharing the lovely photos :)


  1. i love this! while my boyfriend and i were aimlessly wondering around Melbourne earlier in the year we spotted the hanging chairs first.. though it was closed =( looks very nice though!

  2. Yes it's gorgeous isn't it! The chairs are such a simple idea but so original and interesting...

    you better put this on your itinery for next time you're down here!

    Thanks so much for your comment... I'm loving your blog too at the moment! Oh that reminds me, must add a link... I'll do it right now! x

  3. So so cool! Looks dangerous though..I would be the dork sitting in the corner because I would be afraid a chair would fall on me ;)

  4. thanks!! we will definatly be back .. i need to visit all these places you post about!!

  5. maybe the whole interview-lack-of-response is just a symptom of the cold winter that is finally coming to an end!
    i'm feeling the lack of enthusiasm too!
    love your work!

  6. I've always wanted to go there! You've renewed my enthusiasm so hopefully I'll get there soon. What a shame about the non-responding interviews, espeically since there are probbaly many other artists who would love the exposure. I still enjoy your blog very much nonethelss, keep up the good work :)

  7. i know I will STRUCK off instantly for saying this....BUT, i just dont think the coffee at St Ali IS all that!
    in my defence (and to try & remedy the bad looks coming my way -oh yeah, - i CAN feel them!) I DO really like the decor and vibe in there, so sometimes visit just for that - and to feel like one of the cool kids!!!