Wednesday, July 16, 2008

vertical garden anticipation

This beautiful little kitchen found on we heart it

In anticipation of Patrick Blanc's soon-to-be unveiled vertical garden at Melbourne Central (from July 17th!), I've been dreaming of ways to achieve similar leafy wall coverage on a smaller scale, in my own tiny little garden...

Bit of inspiration here... I'm loving Jeana Sohn's cascading succulents...

Jeana Sohn's succulent collections gets some sun (originally found this via her guest blog on Design Sponge)

Jeana Sohn's 'String of Pearls'

Beautiful terrace windows on Flickr

Pretty sure this one was from Desire to Inspire a while back... sorry to be vague. :(

This one is not so much 'vertical', but a beautiful view through that window... we heart it again

And one more cute one from we heart it (apartment therapy originally)

Roll on spring!


  1. I want Mr Blanc to come and do a vertical garden in my 1mt wide walled 'back garden'- do you think it would be possible to kidnap him?

  2. Oh Pene... your blossoming magnolia photos inspired this post! I want winter to disappear!

    Actually I went to the Design Festival launch party tonight and was so surprised to see Monsieur Blanc mingling with the crowd and being generally friendly and approachable :) He is so smiley and friendly and has green hair. I think he would be more than happy to give you some vertical garden help... Let's kidnap him after his lecture tomorrow night at Fed Square! x

  3. Oh wow...those are so beautiful! the 3 cascading windows!!!