Thursday, July 31, 2008

Measure by The Foundry

I briefly mentioned these lovely new products by Melbourne design studio Foundry last week after seeing them at Design:Made:Trade. Such a great execution of a simple, clever idea... I thought I should show you more of the collection.

Measure is a range of paper products that provide useful household information in a slick graphic, easy to access format. The range includes 'Produce in Season' - showing seasonal produce not only here but the Northern hemisphere too (and in both English and Italian), 'Everyday' for all those important conversions like kilos to ounces, Celsius to Fahrenheit and centimetres to inches... (and all in 5 languages....!), and 'Lunar Phases' (hey, these things are important.)

The Measure range also includes a height measurement chart, yearly calender and wine booklet (very handy to translate those baffling descriptions on the side of wine bottles). The range is the creation of Melbourne graphic designer Jessie Fairweather, who brings to her business a wealth of experience from years spent overseas - including a stint at the prestigious Fabrica research centre in Italy (yeah, the one Jaime Hayon came from!).

Prices range from a very reasonable AU$14.95 - AU$24.95. Not sure currently where these will be stocked as they have only just been released - I'll be sure to keep you posted! Potential stockists can email

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  1. oh yes, please keep us posted - i love these things! even if iphone probably has some crazy app for them (or it will soon i'm sure). i guess i'm old-fashioned at 24 years old! :)