Thursday, July 3, 2008

Amazon Love

I love AMAZON! It sends me presents all the time.

Granted, I have to pay for them... but it is a lot cheaper than buying design books in real shops here in Aus. An awful thing to say but its true. Case in point:

Jaime Hayon - Works - $185 on the shelf in Melbourne bookshops, US$63 from Amazon (around AU$75 inc. shipping)

House of Concepts: Design Academy Eindhoven - $135 on the shelf in Melbourne bookshops, US$57 from Amazon (around AU$70 including shipping)

Jaime Hayon - Works
sketches and photos of Hayon's bathroom range for ArtQuitect

Jaime Hayon - Works
double-page of Hayon's inpirations and visual stimuli

Jaime Hayon - Works
Hayon's bathroom range for ArtQuitect in the workshop

House of Concepts - Design Academy Eindhoven
Fantastic designs by duo Marleen Kaptein and Stijn Roodnat - Left: paediatric clinic in Harlem, NY (which looks like it belongs in a kids cartoon) and play equipment/seating constructed from a continuous piece of fluorescent green piping hundreds of metres long. Love it!
House of Concepts - Design Academy Eindhoven
Interesting designs for public space by Marcel Schmalgemeijer - whose website is SO worth a look for more incredible event design/installations...

House of Concepts - Design Academy Eindhoven
More from food designer extraordinaire Marije Vogelzang.. yeah yeah I know I talk about her all the time. But it really is well-deserved. Her restaurant website is here. Her blog is here. Check them out.

I wholeheartedly recommend both of these fantastic books! Jaime Hayon - Works is a truly beautiful publication in every respect. The stunning indigo printed fabric cover and gold-edged pages give way to the most beautiful collection of photographs, sketchbook doodles and back-story about Hayon's incredible career to date.

House of Concepts is also an absolute treasure. The Design Academy Eindhoven has an incredible track record for producing some of Hollands most exciting and innovative designers... this book gives an insight into the workings of this most unique school, and covers work by its most impressive list of graduates including Tord Boontje, Job Smeets, Jurgen Bey, Marije Vogelzang, Christien Meindertsma, and Bertjan Pot to name only a few. Such incredible work... such inspiring people.

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  1. I, too, buy all my design books from amazon, as they end up being about half price, including shipping. i don't know what it is about books in australia, but man they must be overpriced!!
    great blog btw :)