Monday, June 16, 2008

Rebecca Thuss

Receiving my copy of the beautiful Lines and Shapes volume 2 has re-ignited my long-standing professional crush on Rebecca Thuss.

Her styling work is just purely PERFECT. I honestly cannot imagine a more perfect collection of images than the ones on her beautiful website.... Sometimes I get worried that she'll take her website down, and I won't be able to see her work ever again... and then I feel I should perhaps make a copy of every single image on her site just in case. Irrational? Possibly.

Above are some images of her recent work... the detail, the colours, the textures.... ahhhhh. The handcrafted elements are like an incredible at installation...

Visit her website! (Especially if you're planning a wedding, party, kid's party, barbeque... any event at all that requires a little creative inspiration - You won't be disappointed!)


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