Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stanley Ruiz and Designboom Mart 08

bowl by Stanley Ruiz

Stanley Ruiz is a designer originally from the Phillipines, but currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He just sent me these images of the interesting work he is launching this week at ICFF in New York as part of the Designboom Mart.

Ruiz' latest range is The New Organic, and is inspired by the fusion of craft and industry... He examines this concept by striking a balance between organic material and powder-coated steel, which forms the skeleton of his designs.

Ring by Stanley Ruiz

Designboom Mart is a really great concept... they take submissions from designers all over the world, and select a group to exhibit their work at ICFF each year. The focus is on small, affordable designed pieces which can be sold at the fair for a reasonable price (is under $100). They call these 'design souvenirs'... A great example from last year's show are these fantastic concrete rings by Taiwanese outfit 22 Design Studio... (you can buy them right here on the Designboom website).

image - designboom

It's a great opportunity for young designers to exhibit their work on an international stage, and make valuable contacts within the design industry. It also gives festival-goers an opportunity to meet the new generation of design professionals, and potentially to purchase a 'design souvenir' that could become a classic one day!

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  1. these rings are fantastic!
    thank you for the link.