Monday, May 26, 2008

NYC gallery - Charmingwall

Last week I got an email from Katie McClenahan, who is the director of a small independent gallery in NYC's West Village. 'Charmingwall' specialises in a curated collection of open-edition fine art prints, and lucky for those of us outside the US, they have an extensive collection of work available for sale through their online shop. I'm assuming from their very reasonable prices (ie prints for US$20!) that these are mostly photographic prints of the original artwork? But Charmingwall does also sell the originals and limited edition prints by the same artists... (you may need to email them for more specific info about original works).

Charmingwall represent artists from a variety of backgrounds, from fine arts to comic-book culture and everything inbetween. Most of the work has an illustrative feel and is largely figurative in style, however this is where the similarities end... the work on offer covers a broad range of aesthetic influences - there are elements of street-art, fashion illustration, and very decorative, ornate detailing which reminded me of traditional folk arts and even textile design...

Grey Dog by Fred Chao

Barnacles and Butterflies by Evan B. Harris

Briar Patch by Andrea L. Peterson

The brand new Charmingwall website is a little work of animated art in itself - I'm always a sucker for hand-drawn type, and the animated element is really effective and, well, charming :)
To keep up with all Charmingwall news be sure to bookmark their blog as well as their website.

More of Charmingwall in the press here and here.

Whale & Innards by Evan B. Harris


  1. Love Charming Wall--- great pick! :)

    Do you have an email addy I can send some typepad tips to for 2Modern? Would love to help! :)

  2. what a find!!! Their website is sooooo awesome and I just can't get over the pricing!