Wednesday, April 2, 2008

maps x 3

Oberg White, 2006 by Ian Hundley

I got some lovely comments about my illustrated map for the Gertrude st Shopping guide... and it got me thinking about maps in general. Don't know why but everyone seems to love a hand drawn map. Seems I'm not the only one.. here are 3 more nice examples...

Brooklyn based Canadian artist Ian Hundley makes amazing quilted artworks based on Maps.

Bray Lake, 2001-2006 - by Ian Hundley

Neuringe Red, 2003 - Ian Hundley

Paris-based photographer Ami Sioux' is the author/photographer of REYKJAVIK 64°08N 21°54W - a book in which she asks 50 people from Reykjavic, Iceland to hand-draw a map leading to a special place in their local area. Sioux then follows their directions, finds and photographs these secret places. The book documents each map alongside the resulting photograph. Great little concept, and more books are planned for Paris, New York, Berlin and London. Available from Scintilla Ltd.

Did you all see this gorgeous illustration by Lena Corwin for Elle Decor Magazine (Lena recently posted this photo on one of her contributions to BlueLines). I love it! I would like my shopping guides to look more like that. One day in my dreamland perhaps I can commission gorgeous illustrations from Lena for this site. yes please.

Image - Lena Corwin

(Also... just spotted Matthew Picton via MocoLoco, if you haven't had enough already)

Anyone got anymore? Let me know :)


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  2. thank you so much, lucy!

    i also love sarah neuburger's "maps of pretend places"--

    aren't they wonderful?

  3. ooh Lena yes love those! Thanks for the tip-off. I just love the title - 'maps of pretend places'... :) sweet.

    Loving your posts bluelines by the way... keep it up :) x