Friday, April 11, 2008

Inside Out magazine - May/June Issue

Inside Out 'in store' furniture round up

Australian Stylist Sibella Court's New York loft

Sibella Court again

Li Edelkoort's restrained Parisian warehouse apartment

Haven't even had a thorough read yet... but I always feel a sense of urgency to post my favourite pages from the latest magazines the moment they hit the shelves. Actually, I was mildly irritated because a colleague at work bought her current issue of Inside Out this week and had it sitting on her desk BEFORE I'd even received my subscription copy. The cheek of it! I had to avert my eyes from her desk for a whole day until I got my own :)

Anyway... This issue its all about busy, eclectic interiors... and people to be jealous of. There's Australian stylist Sibella Court's gargantuan New York loft filled to the brim with with antiques and kooky ephemera, Supermodel Natalia Vodanova's lavish New York pad, trend forecaster extraordinaire Li Edelkoort's stunningly minimal Paris warehouse... to name only a few. It's all stunning, of course... in an infuriatingly perfect way!

Must quibble on one teeny thing though. There is also more than one interior in this issue which prominently features those vintage tram destination scroll signs. (and when I say prominently, I mean, fills up most of a full page photograph). You know the ones I mean. Seriously. Twice in one issue? Come on people.

Andrew Egan's New York apartment


  1. I love your blog, hope you don't mind if I link you?

  2. Wow, Thank you so much! :) I am discovering so many great Melbourne blogs through this site... I am working on a Melbourne blogs list and will add you to it also! thanks for your comment x