Monday, April 14, 2008

Brian Dettmer

It's been an interesting weekend with lots of interest in the interview with Nicholas Jones... I'm so glad his work has received such a great response from so many people, and has reached a such a wide audience! Thank you for all your comments and emails... :)

A lot of people have drawn parallels with the work of US artist Brian Dettmer, so I thought I'd throw in some shots of his work today.

The similarities are clear... although Dettmer seems more concerned with the subject matter of the books, and his work is more illustrative I guess. Beautiful all the same.

more images here


  1. Such incredible work by both artists.

  2. this is lovely work Lucy, and a great interview. i often love books as art (there is that artist exhibiting painted copies of books at ACCA at the moment and his work is interesting too, though of course I've forgotten his name) and the recycling of books too (brunswick bound style). Nicholas' delicate work must also be an interesting contrast to Marcos' more gothic creations (i was in his workshop a few years ago and enjoyed it very much).
    I look forward to more. e.

  3. oooh thanks mysterious 'e' person
    (Eddie?? maybe? )

    Must go look at the ACCA exhibit... I think I know that guy... is it the one who paints the paperback books? I've forgotten his name also.

    You must have read my mind too, I just went to Brunswick Bound and photographed their counter top this Sunday! I think I have books on the brain.

    Thanks so much for reading and for commenting. Love the comments :)

  4. hi lucy, apologies for continuing to bang on about books -
    jessie and i saw this wonderful artist in Spain, Manolo Valdez, who had made large scale wooden sculptures of bookcases and books. I have struggled to find images, but think there is one in the link below. it was excellent work. e.

  5. go eddie. good work finding a picture.

  6. Wow Eddie amazing sculptures! Thanks! :)

    Also, you can't imagine my delight at seeing 2 of my closest friends in dialogue with one another in the comments section of my little blog! Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. hee hee. Love to you both x